MangaDex Feed Generator

Create RSS feeds for Mangadex. The project is open-source.

1. Configure feed

Each query can filter by manga, groups, uploader, translated language, original language, and tags (inclusive or exclusive). All queries, up to 10, will be combined into a single feed.

2. Add URL to RSS reader

How queries work:

  • Each query is combined with an OR.
  • Matchers are grouped by type, combined into a query with AND.
  • Each matcher within a type is combined with an OR. For the "Tags (inclusive)" matcher, it is AND.

Some examples:

  • Specify two manga and a language: Chapters from either manga will be returned, but only of the specified language.
  • Specify two tags (inclusive) and two tags (exclusive): The manga of the result chapters will have all inclusive tags, and will not have any of the exclusive tags.